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Players Selected to Regional Pool

Thirteen Cal-North players were selected to the Regional Pool and held over for another week at Regional Camp!

  Bunny Dickson, Foster City
Lizzy George
, Alamo
Caitlin Hannegan
, San Rafael
Ariel House
, Cameron Park
Chioma Igwe
, Belmont
Dana Johnson
, San Jose
Andrea Lee
, Scotts Valley
  Stephanie Lopez, Elk Grove
Katie Martinez
, Fremont
Dani Potts
, Alamo
Amanda Sanchez
, Sacramento
Kira Sarkisian
, Saratoga
Mandy VanDorn
, Danville

Regional Camp Results
Cal-North ODP, U-15 Girls
Sunday, 7/15: Cal-North defeats Utah, 2-0
CA comes out strong in the first game of Regional camp. They keep the ball in UT's half for most of the game. In the first 20 mins CA has many shots and goal opportunities but doesn't put any in. With about 10 mins left in the 35 min half, CA passes and plays the ball back and forth in front of the UT goal. After a few chances at the goal, Chioma challenges a defender for the ball near the end line, comes up with the ball and makes an easy pass into the center for Whitney to touch into the open goal, 1-0. The 2nd goal comes late in the first half off a corner kick. Natalie takes the corner kick, serving a fantastic ball to the top of the 6-yd box. Elena comes running in to meet ball with her head, beautifully guiding it into the back of the net, 2-0. In the 2nd half CA holds off any UT attacks, while creating many more scoring opportunities, but no goals. One of these opportunities comes on a direct free kick from just outside the top of UT's penalty area. Lizzy takes the kick, striking it toward the goal, only for it to hit the crossbar and rebound back into the penalty area where UT defenders clear the ball out.

Most of our United players have joined forces with Montana players, though Caroline is with Arizona players. The United-MT team defeats New Mexico, 7-0.

Whitney Goodell, Forward

Monday, 7/16: Cal-North ties Cal-South, 2-2
Cal-North gets off to a slow start. In 7th min South catches North defense flat, sending a ball thru the defense where a sprinting forward picks it up for a breakaway. Despite defensive pursuit, a placement shot past the charging GK puts South up, 0-1. About 15 mins later North comes back with a goal. Natalie's corner kick is cleared by South defenders back out to Natalie, who chips it back into the box. Chioma and Elena both go up for the header and Chioma puts the ball into the net, 1-1. 18 min into the 2nd half, South scores when an outside halfback dribbles up the sideline and shoots from outside the box. The shot ricochets off the post and goes in, 1-2. North tallies the equalizer when Wieger picks up a thru pass near the endline, crosses to Whitney on near-post run, but the keeper deflects her header back to Kira, who passes across the goal to Rose for the tap-in, 2-2.

The United-MT team played Oregon (score unknown).

Lizzy George, Midfielder

Tuesday, 7/17: Cal-North defeats Colorado, 4-0
In their 3rd game of the week, Cal-North settles into a nice, relaxed rhythym on the field. In the first half CA keeps the ball in the CO half of the field most of the time. There are many good plays, creating numerous goal scoring opportunities. Whitney and Weiger challenge CO up front with aggressive runs and crossing patterns. No balls are put in the net, though. The 1st half wears CO down, physically and mentally. CA comes out strong in the 2nd half with a burning desire to score. Before long, CA scores when Chioma takes a corner kick, sending a great ball into the box. A CO defender attempts to clear, but an unlucky strike sends the ball into her own goal, 1-0. Shortly after, Chioma sends a cross to Natalie on the far post, who chops and puts in the shot, 2-0. Later Natalie beats a defender down the outside and sends a cross into Lizzy who shoots for the next goal, 3-0. Late in the game, Chioma chips another cross into the box, but Bunny barely misses the diving header. Natalie collects the ball on the far side and lofts it back in to Elena, whose header finishes the scoring, 4-0.

The United-MT team (aka, "Crew") lost 0-1 to the Wizards, another United team.

Whitney Goodell

Wednesday, 7/18: Cal-North defeats '85 Holdover Pool, 1-0
The game starts, continues and ends with both teams playing hard and intense. Both teams have quite a few chances at scoring, but only once is a goal made, and that by Cal-North. Well into the 1st half, after many attempts and attacks on goal, Bunny gains the ball and works her way into the box. With pressure from a couple defenders, she still manages to get off a great shot from the top, right side of the box. The ball sails over the keeper's head and into the net, 1-0. Cal-North's solid defense keeps the '85's from scoring any goals.

Cal-North finishes the week undefeated!

Whitney Goodell

Regional Camp Travel Notes

Well, the time has come. I think I have all the info I need to tell you about camp. Let me start by saying that I will not be available for questions between July 9 and July 12 as I will be out of town those few days. I hope this answers any lingering questions you and your parents may have. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

We have traveled together before and I think each of you understands the behavior CYSA and I expect. I feel confident that behavior will not be a problem. I particularly want to be sure everyone understands appropriate airport behavior. Because we will be traveling with 28 players (involving 2 different flights and times) it is imperative that each of you listens, follows instructions and behaves in a mature manner.

Departure on the 14th - All players must meet me at the Alaska Airlines ticket counter at 5:30 am. Bring picture I.D. Balls should be deflated, luggage straps disconnected and stowed, and plan on carrying on you soccer bag.

Return on the 19th - State players should be arriving in Oakland at 7:33 pm (flight #464). United Players should be arriving at 7:00 pm (flight #390). Parents, please check flight status before driving to the airport.

Remember official CYSA travel attire is khaki pants, a white polo or t-shirt (no spaghetti straps), closed-toed shoes, and your State Team warm-up jacket.

Don't forget:
- bring a check for $50 made out to Alaska Airlines. This check will be returned if you are not selected as a holdover for the second week. If you are heldover for the Regional pool the check will be used as the fee to change your return flight arrangements. If you do not turn in the $50 check you will not be able to stay for the second week.

- bug spray (yes, they do have mosquitos in Idaho), sunscreen, and all the other items in the Camp Booklet.

- a small laundry bag with a ZIPPER for laundry. I have money for laundry and soap.

- money for meals while we are traveling and any emergency items.

- bring a fan, if possible. The weather is warm and the dorms are not air-conditioned. (Probably best to coordinate this with your roommate.)

- bring videos for the bus and downtime. There is a TV and VCR on each floor and a microwave, too. So, if you are addicted to popcorn, bring it.

- did I mention bug spray? No doubt about it ... bring lots of bug spray.

The days have been warm (80-90 degree range) and the nights are fairly cool (around 55-60), so please bring appropriate non-soccer clothing.

I will be bringing to camp your training shirt (w/numbers), team shirt (w/names), and uniforms. You will also receive a Regional Camp t-shirt and sweatshirt.

Idaho weather and flight status

Sandi, 07/06/01

Practice June 30-July 1

Reminder: I will be at practice on Saturday, June 30, to collect $10 from each player for the team training shirts. Also remember that all pinnies must be returned on Saturday. Don't forget or you can be billed for it.

I will fill in Regional Camp travel details later when I have the exact flight times. We could not get the United players booked on the same flights as the Cal-North team players. Our departing flights are quite close in time, but the actual flights are different. We will probably need to be at the airport at the same time. More details later. Meanwhile, be sure to read your Regional Camp Booklet thoroughly.

Sandi, 06/25/01

United Team Players

Each person named as a United player had affirmed interest in attending Regional Camp as a United player when Jack spoke to you earlier. The CYSA office has asked me to reverify your interest now that you have been accepted as a United player. The office is in the process of purchasing airline tickets, so United players need to let me know today if there is a reason that you cannot attend Regional Camp as a United player. If I do not hear from you by tonight, I will assume that you are still planning on going. I have not heard anything to the contrary since I notified you of your acceptance, so I am confident that each of you is still interested.

We hope to have all U15G Cal-North players travel on the same flight. Please be aware that an additional cost may be incurred. The office will let you know if this is the case.

Sandi, 06/18/01

Regional Camp Rosters Released

The coaches have released the final regional camp rosters and I have emailed the lists to everyone. Jack wants to remind all players that everyone is welcome to train for the remainder of the season - in fact, he encourages you.

To the players who will be attending regional camp: It is imperative (critical) that you read your Regional Camp Booklet thoroughly. United Players should pay particular attention to the section of the booklet for them. The CYSA office will mail Camp Booklets during the week of June 18. The mailout will go to those players who will be attending the regional camp. To help you begin preparing, we do have the packing list online.

Note the Regional ODP Camp this year will be July 14-19 in Moscow, Idaho. Players selected to the Regional Player Pool will be held over in Idaho for an additional session July 20-25. Travel arrangements have not been made yet, but we hope to have all players travel to and from camp together. I will let everyone know details as I learn them.

Players going to Regional Camp must send their camp fees to the CYSA office asap - No Pay, No Travel. I have emailed players who, according to Suzan Christensen, CYSA accountant, still owe money. Remember, fees were due June 4, so please arrange to clear this up immediately. Suzan can be contacted at 925-xxx-5437.

Sandi, 06/17/01

Training Shirts and Pinnies

All pinnies must be returned. It is extremely important that you return yours or you may be billed for it. I will be at training on Saturday, June 30, and will collect the pinnies from everyone, even those continuing on to Regional Camp. If you are not planning to attend training that day, please contact me immediately to make arrangements to get yours back to me.

All players will be receiving an ODP T-shirt with players' names on it. I will let you know as soon as I know when they will be available.

Jack has asked me to also arrange for team training shirts for all players. The front will have bold print "Cal North ODP" and the back will have numbers. The cost is $10 and is not covered by the equipment fee everyone paid earlier. Players going to Regional Camp will need to take this shirt with them as it will be used by regional staff to help identify our players. We plan to order the shirts for those not going to camp as well, but if you are not going to Regional Camp and do not want the training shirt, please let me know now and I will not order one for you. If I don't hear from you, I will assume that you want a training shirt. I will collect $10 from each player at training on Saturday, June 30. Again, if you are not planning to attend training on 6/30, please mail a check to me and your pinny.

Sandi, 06/15/01

June 16 Training Moved Back to Camp Parks

The training session on Saturday, June 16, will be at Camp Parks. Do not go to Morgan Hill. Please note this will still be an extended session from 3pm - 6pm.

Sandi, 06/13/01

No Training June 23-24

Training has been cancelled for June 23-24. Many of our players will be participating in either the the U16 Premier Qualifier tournament or in the Far Western Regional Championships in Albuquerque, New Mexico - good luck to Dublin High Energy, DeAnza Sharks and San Juan Spirits '86!

Jack, 06/10/01

June 9 Schedule Change

Important: June 9 training time has been changed to 1-3pm.

Sandi, 06/01/01

Oregon and Lancaster Return Info

Team 1 will be departing from Lancaster at 9:00 am Monday morning. Parents should plan on picking up the girls from the CYSA office in Pleasanton (the same place we started the trip from) at around 3:00 pm Monday afternoon. Travel time is uncertain because there may be heavier than usual holiday traffic. This information will also be posted on the hotline.

Team 2 will be departing from Portland at 5:59 pm aboard Alaska Air flight #594, arriving in San Jose about 7:39 pm. Check here for up to date flight status.

Sandi, 05/27/01

Oregon and Lancaster Updates

Team 1 to Lancaster: Players need to meet at the CYSA office in Pleasanton at 8:00 Friday morning. The CYSA office is at 1040 Serpentine Lane. Dress code is khakis (not short shorts) and a white t-shirt or polo shirt - no spaghetti straps. According to the revised schedule on the website we now play at 4:20 on Friday. The tournament will be played at the Lancaster National Soccer Center in Lancaster, California. Additional information and directions are available on the ODP International Tournament website.

Sandi, 05/23/01

Team 2 to Oregon: Players must meet at the San Jose Airport at 10:30 am Friday morning. Flight is Alaska Air #323 and departs at 12:15 pm. Dress code is khakis (no short shorts) and a white t-shirt or polo - no spaghetti straps, and closed-toed shoes. Please remember your bibs. According to the schedule on the website we play at 6:00 pm Friday. The tournament will be played at the Tualatin Hills Sports Complex in Beaverton, Oregon. Additional information and driving directions are available on the Nike Friendship Cup website. If you have any questions please contact me at

Rose, 05/23/01

Urgent: Field Marshals Needed

Joy Apilado is organizing field marshalls for the adidas Cup this weekend. If you (that is, parents) have a couple of hours free on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday please let me know and I will forward your name. Joy has a particular need for Friday. I do not know the full scope of the task, but I suppose it's the usual stuff. In past years they have not created a situation where a parent could not see his/her own child's game and I am certain that will be true again this year.

Sandi, 05/15/01

Paperwork Missing

The follow girls still owe the office a copy of their birth certificate. These need to be in the CYSA office by Thursday, May 17. You may have to FedEx it so that it will get there in time.
Jessica Gray
Stephanie Lopez
Lindsay Parker
Danielle Potts
Elena Tovar
Mandy Van Dorn
Stephanie Weiger
The CYSA Office is located at 1040 Serpentine Lane, Suite 201, Pleasanton, CA, 94566.

Sandi, 05/15/01

Location of Oregon and Lancaster Tournaments

The Oregon Nike Friendship Cup will be played at the Tualatin Hills Sports Complex in Beaverton, Oregon. Additional information and driving directions are available on the Nike Friendship Cup website.

The Cal-South ODP International Tournament will be played at the Lancaster National Soccer Center in Lancaster, California. Additional information and directions are available on the ODP International Tournament website.

Dan, 05/13/01

The Mystery of the Missing Ball

After distributing equipment to players that attended training on 4/28 we discovered that we are short one ball. We counted them at the office and now are one short. We think that someone ended up with two by accident. Please check your equipment and let me know if you have an extra.

Girls that did not receive equipment will be given equipment at training on Saturday. I will be there at the end of training.

Here's the not so good news. The office gave us many more large (even XL) warm-ups than we need. I was successful in trading 13 large and XL for small and medium but we still have only large warm-ups left. I have a call into the boys' administrators in hopes that a trade might still be possible.

See you on Saturday.

Sandi, 05/08/01

No Practice May 5-6

The next practice will be Saturday, May 12. Please note that will be an extended practice, 3-6 pm, at Camp Parks.

A few of you did not pick up a final schedule at training on the 28th, so I've emailed both the final schedule and roster to everyone. The online calendar has been updated to include that information. I will be at training on Sat 5/12 if you have any questions.

Sandi, 05/06/01

Note: I have a map to Amador to go along with the schedule, but not written directions. Would any of the locals like to provide written directions to go along with the map? I know how I get there, but don't know if that's the best or easiest way.... Email Sandi or email me if you have good directions through town.

Dan, 05/06/01

Practice Apr 28-29 at Chabot College

Practice Saturday and Sunday will be at Chabot College in Hayward. Practice times are the same for Saturday (3-5pm) and Sunday (10-noon and 2-4pm). I will be there on Saturday to distribute gear. Please plan on being about 30 minutes earlier than usual so that you can pick up gear before warming up. I will be there about 2:00.

Sandi, 04/25/01

The address of Chabot College is 25555 Hesperian Blvd. Hayward, 94545. Here is a link for directions to Chabot College on the Chabot College website. There is also a campus map on the web site.

The soccer field is located behind the tennis courts in the back right hand corner of parking lot B. If you drive to the tennis courts, there is a oneway road that will take you to a small parking lot next to the field. This is easily seen on the campus map.

Lisa Igwe, 04/24/01

Adidas Profiles - Last Call

As of 4/22, Claudia Kane had not received profiles from Lauren Parente, Elena Tovar and Rosemarie Zapata. Follow-up on this immediately if you haven't already done so.

Sandi, 04/22/01

Two Fields for Sunday, April 22

The morning and afternoon practice sessions will be at two different fields. The morning practice (10am-noon) will be at MTV Field, and the afternoon session (2-4pm) will be at Hart Middle School.

Hart Middle School is at the corner of Willow and Las Positas in Pleasanton. From Hwy 580 take the Hopyard exit in Pleasanton and go south on Hopyard Rd. Cross over to Willow Rd by turning left at either Owens, Stoneridge or Las Positas.

Note: you can traverse between the two fields without getting back on the freeways. From the MTV Field take Crow Canyon Rd west a couple blocks and turn left onto Dougherty Rd. Continue on Dougherty Rd several miles through San Ramon and Dublin. When Dougherty Rd crosses over Hwy 580 it changes names to Hopyard Rd.

Map to MTV Field
Map to Hart Middle School

Dan, 04/21/01

Field for Sunday, April 22

Jack is waiting on a confirmation on a field for Sunday. Training Saturday will be at MTV Field, and he's pretty sure the sunday training will also be at the MTV field, but he will let everyone know for sure on Saturday.

Sandi, 04/19/01

Map to MTV Field

Note: The MTV Field has an artificial turf surface. It will not get muddy, no matter how much it rains. Best choice of footgear is molded cleats or turf shoes. You will not need soft-ground ("screw-ins", for example) cleats.

Dan, 04/20/01

Last Call for Adidas Cup Profiles

Claudia Kane has not yet received profiles from the following girls. Please take care of this immediately to ensure inclusion in the profile book.
Anderson, Hillary
Henderson, Val
Joyce, Vanessa
Martinez, Katie
Parente, Lauren
Robertson, Margaret
Tovar, Elena
Wieger, Stephanie
Zapata, Rosemarie

Sandi, 04/18/01

Adidas Cup Profiles Still Needed

I just received an email for Claudia Kane (adidas cup director and profile book person). She has not received profiles and photos from the following girls. Please mail those directly to her as soon as possible to avoid the possibility of being left out of the book. The form you need to fill out is the last page of the packet you received the very first day. Be sure that you and your parents sign it (even though it does not have a signature line on it). The deadline for this paperwork is April 16. If you cannot find the form, see the note below. *
1986G Profiles Needed as of 4/11:
Anderson, Hillary
Dickson, Noorhani
Dockery, Kim
Frizzell, Erica
George, Elizabeth
Henderson, Val
Holmes, Cassie
Joyce, Vanessa
Martinez, Katie
McCrackin, Natalie
Nunez, Angela
Parente, Lauren
Potts, Danielle
Quaresma, Katelyn
Robertson, Margaret
Sanchez, Amanda
Tovar, Elena
Wieger, Stephanie
Zapata, Rosemarie
An adidas Cup 2001 program book is distributed at the tournament and contains a brief profile of each player. You will not have your profile in the book if you do not get your form submitted to Claudia in time.

Sandi, 04/11/01

*Note: If you are missing the form, your player packet says all forms are available for download from the CYSA website, but that is not the case - those were last year's instructions for the ODP 2000 forms. However, the adidas Cup 2001 Player Profile and instructions are identical to the 2000 versions of the same forms (except for the year and due date). If you do not have the 2001 forms, use this link to download the adidas Cup 2000 Player Profile forms and send it in ASAP. All addresses and phone numbers are still the same as last shown on last year's forms.

Dan, 04/12/01

Forms and Paperwork Due

This is just a reminder that the forms you received in your player packets are due by April 16. If you have not already done so, please make sure all forms are completed and get them mailed back to the CYSA office. One form must be notarized, so make sure you give yourself enough time.

Special Note: Item 4 on page 2 of the packet reminds you that the Individual Player Profile Information Sheet must be signed by both the player and a parent. The form in your packet is actually titled "PLAYER DATA FORM - 2001" and does not have a signature line, but signatures are required! Both player and parent should sign and date the form in the blank area at the bottom!

Note the ADIDAS CUP 2001 PLAYER PROFILE goes to a different address and is due by April 20.

Sandi, 04/04/01

Training Schedule Update

I've emailed everyone a MS Word document with the training schedule for this season. Fields have been difficult to obtain so we still have a couple of locations missing. If a date indicates TBA, we will let you know as soon as we do.

All training sessions will be Saturday 3-5 p.m. and Sunday 10-12 and 2-4 p.m. If you have a time conflict please let us know as soon as possible. Not all absences will be automatically considered excused. Please remember - everyone benefits from every training session and that missing a session could set you behind other players on teamwork skills etc.

Directions to fields are linked on the updated calendar. Note the fields for this first weekend are Camp Parks, Dublin on Saturday and Sierra High, Manteca on Sunday.

Sandi, 04/01/01

Roster and Training Schedule

Hi girls,

As promised, I have emailed everyone a roster. Please check it for accuracy and let me know of any corrections/changes.

The following is this season's training schedule. Field locations will be provided as they are finalized, hopefully within the next week. Mother's and Father's Day training will be decided by a majority vote. We will train 3 - 5 pm on Saturdays and 10 - 12 pm  and 2 - 4 pm  on Sundays.
April 7, 8
April 14
April 21, 22
April 28, 29
May 5, 6
June 2, 3
June 9,10
June 16, 17
June 23, 24
June 30
July 1
July 7, 8
Updated U-15 Girls State Team Calendar

Sandi, 03/17/01

Welcome !

The hard work is just beginning. Jack would like to begin training soon. He is working out details on training sites. The goal is to have as many training session as possible centrally located (in the Tri Valley area). Because fields are often difficult to reserve, we are asking any parent who can assist in reserving fields to contact me.

I will be sending out a roster later in the week so parents can coordinate carpools etc.

More to come,

Sandi, 03/13/01

U-15 Girls State Team Calendar - 2001

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