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TRAVEL ALERT (as of 1:15 pm, Friday, 7/19):

Our returning regional pool players are boarding an earlier flight home! Instead of taking their previously scheduled Flight #192 out of Seattle, our regional players will travel home with the '87 state team on their flight #342. The flight times are thus the same as last week, just one week later. Check here for flight information.

Final Words from the Coaches

Hello, Everyone,

Congratulations to all members of the Cal North State Pool! We saw wonderful individual play with our United Players and awesome Cal North team performance at Regional Camp.

We started our pool training by establishing a standard for ourselves modeled after the US Women's National Team. By your play at camp, you set the standard for the Region. It is not time to stop and sit back. Continue to set standards for yourself on your club team. Push yourself and those around you to continue to improve the level of play where ever you play. Be a leader and a motivator, do so by raising the level of play by your example. Show those around you what it takes to play at the state/regional/national level! Because next year there will be another 200 girls that would like to try to earn a position on the state pool. Be the hardest worker, continue to stay in shape, and work on your technical skills under lots of pressure.

For those of you that took your fitness seriously it made an impressive difference at camp. Overall, we were far more physically fit than any other team and it showed by our play through out the week.

Again, congratulations to you all! Best wishes to you and your club team this coming soccer season.


Michael Heintz and Tony Perez


Regional Pool Update

First off, I just wanted to let everyone in the state pool know that you are a great bunch of girls! I really enjoyed this season!

Update: Alaska Airlines required a credit card instead of individual checks for any airline ticket change fee. Therefore CYSA took care of the bill for those held over and will be billing you directly. I have destroyed all $50 checks unless I have already given it back to you. Our regional pool holdovers will be arriving in Oakland at 8:46pm aboard Alaska Airlines flight #192. (Check here for flight status). Sandi Crane (U15 Admin) will be flying back with the girls so they are not alone.

If any of you have questions, please feel free to call.

Its been a pleasure working with you.

Megan, 07/16/02

Players Selected to Regional Pool

Thirteen Cal-North players were selected to the Regional Pool and held over for another week at Regional Camp!

  Bunny Dickson, Millbrae
Lizzy George
, Alamo
Whitney Goodell
, Concord
Val Henderson
, Orinda
Chioma Igwe
, Belmont
  Dana Johnson, San Jose
Andrea Lee
, Scotts Valley
Stephanie Lopez
, Elk Grove
Katie Martinez
, Fremont
  Dani Potts, Alamo
Amanda Sanchez
, Sacramento
Kira Sarkisian
, Saratoga
Mandy Van Dorn
, Danville
(Click here for a complete list of the pool)

Regional Camp News
Cal-North ODP, U-16 Girls
Monday, 7/08: Cal-North defeats Colorado, 6-2
Regional Camp 2002 started out with a bang for the Cal-North '86 girls in a victory over Colorado. We dominated play for the majority of the game. Bunny opened the scoring with a goal, but CO managed to tie it up 1-1 before the half. We opened the 2nd half with a goal, and added 4 more after that. Whitney contributed a hat trick, and other goals were scored by Lizzy and Kira. Our defense did a superb job keeping the CO attack at bay. Overall, the Cal-North play was rock-solid, despite a pouring rain for the whole game.

In the afternoon, the United team (aka "Crew") played the invitational team to a 4-4 tie. Alma is doing great up top, creating numerous opportunities, taking many shots and scoring twice for the Crew.

by Lizzy George and Mandy Van Dorn

Tuesday, 7/09: Cal-North defeats Washington, 3-1
Washington surprised everyone by tying Cal-South yesterday, so the regional staff matched us up against them in the "game of the day" (as the regional evaluators dubbed it). We continue to improve on team cohesiveness and our new system of play. Kira blasted the first goal into the net due to her perserverance - after defenders blocked several of her shots, she fought behind the defensive line for an open shot from the 6-yd line, 1-0. Our defense played well throughout the game, but miscommunication on an offside trap gave WA a breakaway and goal, 1-1. Our defenders were relentless on the attack, and it eventually paid off. Dani picked up the ball wide of the WA penalty box, crossed, Mandy won the battle for ball and passed it into the net, 2-1. We sealed the victory when Katie Martinez carried the ball through WA defenders to the endline and served a low driven ball across the face of the goal, which Whitney drove into the top of the net, 3-1. Due to Andrea's foot injury, Val played keeper for the entire game. Without much action, Val often distributed the ball with her feet when passed back by her defenders. The game ended with Cal-North dominating not only WA but the entire regional camp.

United team (Crew) defeats Alaska, 4-0. Although not in her most comfortable position, Lindsey is nonetheless creating flash and attacking from her outside back position. After one day with Crew, Erica Holland has been assigned to play keeper for the Alaska team.

by Stephanie Lopez and Whitney Goodell

Wednesday, 7/10: Cal-North ties U17 ('85) Regional Pool, 0-0
Despite winning a 6-1 blowout against Cal-South yesterday, the '85 regional pool was held to a 0-0 tie by Cal-North today. Controlling the center of the field, Dana, Mandy, and Chioma had excellent games and covered well on defense. Playing defensive back today, Katie Martinez had an awesome game, disallowing any penetration from the '85s star forwards, along with help from center backs Lizzy, Amanda, and Stephanie. Although our forwards were denied many great opportunities, their work rate was much appreciated. In addition to matching the '85s size and speed of play, we feel our defense in both the back four and midfield allowed us to do as well as we did today against an older, competitive team.

United player Erica Holland had a strong showing in her morning game for Alaska, was invited to the afternoon invitational pool, and did not allow any goals. Alma and Lindsey, playing with the United Crew, are both doing very well. Alma, with her slicing and dicing moves, has become an excellent target player. Enhancing the defense, Lindsey has been doing very well and denying offensive penetration.

by Dani Potts and Kira Sarkisian

Thursday, 7/11: Cal-North defeats Cal-South, 2-1
They may have better beaches, but Cal-South falls short of Cal-North's elusive soccer talent. Wide awake for the morning's 8:30 game, we stepped onto the field motivated and ready to set the standard for the camp. Joining us from Hawaii for this "monumentous extravaganza" was goalkeeper Allison Lipsher. The regional staff had requested that Allie play the first half with us so they could see her with the best competition. She had an outstanding half and delivered a shutout half for us. North's first goal came midway through the first half off a low ball served into the box by midfielder Chioma. Striker Bunny put the ball away, low into the right corner of the net, 1-0. Our second goal came midway through the second half when defender Stephanie sent a ball through the South defense to an onrunning Katie Wilcox. Dribbling full speed toward goal, she took on the keeper, 1-v-1. Coming up with Katie's ankles rather than the ball, the keeper was forced to face a PK. The birthday girl successfully stepped up to the challenge and put the ball into the back of the net, 2-0. Happy Birthday, Katie! South's lone goal came late in the game off a long throw-in which South's offense managed to capitalize on, 2-1. Cal-North's determination and skill put them ahead of the competition, proving to the region that we are the team to beat!

by Dana Johnson and Amanda Sanchez

Cal-North completes the week undefeated!

Regional Camp Travel Info

I hope you all are as excited to go to camp as I am right now. Here are a few things I need to go over with you:

Behavior Expectations:

ODP has always held high behavioral expectations for their traveling players. The following is intended as a review for players but should be clearly stated to all players.

  1. Players are a reflection on Cal-North and should, at all times, behave in a manner that would make their parents proud. This applies to behavior as well as appropriate dress. Each team should set a travel dress code and enforce it.
  2. Players should always travel in pairs, or even threes, while in the airport etc. This is a safety issue and should be enforced even with the older players.
  3. Personal items such as CD players, cellphones etc. are the sole responsibility of the player. If a player chooses to bring such items, they take full responsibility for loss or theft.
  4. Players will not need to bring more than $40 with them to camp. This should be enough to cover laundry expenses and other incidentals, such as food while traveling. Players are issued a meal card and a room key while at camp. Losing either of these will result in a replacement fee.

Travel Details:

  1. Players should meet me at the Alaska Air ticket counter 2 hours before our flight (that means 6:00AM).
  2. Pack your soccer bag as a carry-on and everything else should fit in a single bag that can be checked. All items that are "suspect" (ie ball pins, screw-in cleats) should be packed in your checked bag. It is better to be safe than sorry on these kinds of things.
  3. CYSA will be providing a player card with a photo, but please bring a picture ID if you have one. Again, it's better to be safe than sorry.

Official CYSA travel attire is khaki pants, a white polo or t-shirt (no spaghetti straps), closed-toed shoes, and your State Team warm-up jacket.

All players traveling to camp (including United) must have a $50.00 check to: Alaska Airlines. Any player showing up at the airport without a $50.00 check will not be allowed to stay the second week and must return home as scheduled.

All players that are invited to the regional pool will be asked to stay for the second week. The cost for the holdover week is: $250.00. Once again, all players must bring a second check, or a note from their parents stating that they will cover the payment by credit card. All checks are payable to: Region IV ODP Camp. Parents paying by credit card need to call the Region IV office at: 702-xxx-8838 as soon as the player is notified. Some players may have their expense of holdover covered by CYSA. I will be hearing from Suzan, the accountant at CYSA, on Wednesday to let me know who has additional money available in their account to cover camp holdovers.

I will be collecting both of these checks at the airport Sunday morning.

Please remember to bring the following:

The days have been warm (80-90 degree range) and the nights are fairly cool (around 55-60), so please bring appropriate non-soccer clothing. (Check here for Idaho weather forecasts).

A lot of this info is in the camp handbook. Please remember to bring it with you.

If you have any questions, please give me a call.

Megan, 07/01/02

Regional Camp Travel Status

Tony and I talked to almost all players at the last training session about their travel status. We have also tried to work with the Region to get more Cal North players on United teams. As of this afternoon, unless there are injuries or other sudden changes, the travel list for Regional Camp is complete. We were able to take 22 players even though we were told at the start of this ODP process we would be strictly limited to 18. Alternate players do not give up hope. Tony and I check almost daily to see if we can obtain additional slots with United teams. Congratulations to you all.

Megan will be distributing gear this weekend to ALL players in the pool. (She only received the gear on Sunday.) For those of you that I have not had a chance to talk to I would like to do so before the weekend. I will try to make contact sometime Wednesday through Friday of this week.

See you all at training on Saturday and Sunday. Click here for travel status list (MS-Word document).

Coach Michael, 06/25/02

Final Training Weekend

Training for Saturday, June 29th, will be 10-12 and 2-4pm at Nugget Fields, Davis. We have at least one game already scheduled, but we may end up playing two games.

Training for Sunday, June 30th, will be 10-12:30pm at Creekside Park, Cupertino. We will have the conference room available to meet and eat lunch together. This will be our last training event before Regional Camp.

Our main focus will be set pieces (corners, direct and indirect kicks - offensive and defensive positions). Make sure you are working towards being in top shape. We will be doing some testing Sunday.

Note: I will be out of town for a week, so if anyone has coaching-related questions, please contact Coach Tony (email: Driving directions to Nugget Fields, Davis
Mapquest map to Nugget Fields, Davis
Map to Creekside Park, Cupertino

Coach Michael, 06/14/02

Training June 9

Reminder: we are at Creekside (Cupertino) on Sunday, June 9th. Training times are 10-12:30 and 2-4pm. We anticipate playing two games - one in the morning and one in the afternoon. One game will be played against a boys team the other will be against a girls team. Map to Creekside Park, Cupertino

Coach Michael, 06/06/02

Fitness Training

All U-16 State ODP Pool Players:

Each of you has been mailed the fitness training schedule and exercise explanations. It is your responsibility to work towards attaining peak fitness level for performance at Regional Camp and hopefully the holdover week.

Two fitness elements on your calendar need explanation. The Cooper Run is a 1.5-mile run to be done in less than 10 minutes. Keep track of your times for each Cooper Run. Put the time on your calendar. Work to improve your time. The 5000 is a combination of sprints and jogs around the whole soccer field.
1. Sprint the length of the field (outside the touchline).
2. Jog the other three sides.
3. Sprint the length and width.
4. Jog the other 2 sides.
5. Sprint the length, width, and length.
6. Jog the last width.
7. Sprint all four sides and walk one time around the field.
8. These are all done without stopping or resting.
I do not expect you to do every plyometrics exercise each time you do plyometrics. Choose three to do, but do them well and not in a hurry. The same with weight training. If you have access to a gym, talk to the staff there, show them this information and get the right weight level established for each exercise. If you do not have a gym available, spend more time on plyometric exercises. You may have questions about this material, if so, please feel free to e-mail me at

My thanks to Coaches Felicia and Tony for assisting in the preparation of this schedule and supporting materials.

The Region has identified fitness as an important part of its program to place players on the National Pool. For those of you that already do this much training with your club team or track team, you do not need to duplicate the work. Everyone else needs to take the training serious if you want to be fully ready for camp.

Best wishes to all players,

Coach Michael, 05/24/02

June Training

Training times for June:
SatJune 1  2:00 - 4:00Nugget fields (one field)
SunJune 210:00 - 12:302:00 - 4:00Nugget fields (one field)
SunJune 910:00 - 12:302:00 - 4:00Creekside park, Cupertino
SatJune 29(not sure of time yet)
SunJune 30(not sure of time yet)
Driving directions to Nugget Fields, Davis
Mapquest map to Nugget Fields, Davis
Map to Creekside Park, Cupertino

Coach Tony, 05/22/02

May 19 at Nugget Fields

Reminder: Sunday, May 19th training and games are at Nugget Fields in north Davis. Here are driving directions to Nugget Fields from Davis AYSO Soccer. Here is a map to Nugget Fields from Mapquest.

Dan Goodell, 05/18/02

ODP Player Payments

Reminder: Monday, May 20th is the due date for all financial obligations ($850 for camp and $50 for equipment) unless you have already made arrangements with CYSA. I will be at training this weekend - so if you would like to turn your payments into me, I will take them into the office on Monday. If you have any questions, let me know.

Although only 18 will travel to Regional Camp, CYSA expects everyone in the pool to pay up front. Once the team gets on the plane CYSA will refund each non-traveling player the appropriate amount. If you have financial questions, please call or email Suzan Christensen (

See you this weekend!

Megan, 05/17/02

Schedule Clarifications

Hello All:

After skimming e-mails, it occurs to me that we should get some clarifications out to the players and their families regarding schedule changes.

Training for May is only the 18th and 19th. CYSA did not get us in a tournament May 25-27, and many players are not available due to Regional Pool commitments and club commitments. So please change your calendars to reflect no training May 25-27. Our sessions in June are:
-9th (in lieu of 22)
-29th (in lieu of 23)

July 7-12
July 12-17
  (3 hours in the PM)
(2 sessions - an AM and a PM session)
(2 sessions - an AM and a PM session)
(2 sessions - an AM and a PM session)
(last session - probably AM only)

Regional Camp
holdover for those making Regional Pool

Coach Michael, 05/17/02

Training for May 18

Just a reminder that the scrimmage schedule is for Sunday, May 19. We will still be having training on Saturday, May 18, from 12:30 - 2:30 at the DYSL Fields, Davis.

Coach Tony, 05/15/02

Schedule for May 19

Here is the ODP scrimmage schedule for Sunday, May 19:
Field 1Field 2
9-10:3017's train 9-10:3015's & 16's warm up/train
11-12:3017's v 16's 10:30-12:3015's inter-pool game
12:30-2:20lunch 12:30-2:20lunch
2:30-4:0015's v 16's 2:30-4:0015's v 15's boys

We will post directions to the one site we finally decide to use. Both sites are in Davis, one is the DYSL fields the other is known as Nugget fields. Map to DYSL Fields, Davis
Driving directions to Nugget Fields, Davis

Coach Michael, 05/10/02

ODP Schedule Change for June

We need to adjust our training schedule to account for the Premier League Qualifying Tournament. The training dates of June 22 and 23 are in direct conflict with the qualifying tournament. I know how important it is for each player to contribute to their team's efforts to qualify for the Premier League.

We will train June 9th and June 29th in lieu of June 22 and 23. We recognize that several of our players will be at Far West Regionals (FWR) through the 29th of June. For players participating in FWR, I hope to see you on the 30th, even if you are too tired and worn out to actually train (hopefully because you have won !). It will be our last time to meet as a team before ODP Regionals.

Plans for a tournament during Memorial Day Weekend have not materialized, so you can remove this weekend from your training calendars.

I trust this adjustment will assist you in your planning and club activities.

Continue your physical fitness program, we will do testing on Saturday, May 18th. We will be at the Davis Youth Soccer League facility in Davis, May 18 and 19th. Times are still not finalized and will be posted later. Map to DYSL Fields, Davis

Coach Michael, 05/06/02

ODP Paperwork Due

This is just a reminder that the forms you received in your player packets are due this Thursday, May 2, 2002. If you have not already done so, please make sure all forms are completed and get them mailed back to the CYSA office. Note one of the forms must be notarized.

Suzan Christensen, CYSA Accountant, recently sent out new sponsorship forms to replace the sponsorship forms sent out in the original player packets. The reason for this is that the IRS has changed the way they look at what is tax deductible. They no longer consider sponsorship contributions as "tax-deductible". It can only be considered tax deductible if and when you are sponsoring a group, not an individual. This could be important to some of our ODP sponsors so we need to make sure that we aren't giving out incorrect information to the parents of our players.

Please note fees are due May 20, so if you plan on turning in Sponsorship Forms, requesting Financial Aid or requesting a promissory note application, please get them into the CYSA office ASAP!

Megan, 05/01/02

Training for April 26, 27

The U-16's have been selected to be the demonstration group for 2 sessions on Saturday, April 27, 2002. The first session is from 10:00 -11:15am, followed by the second session starting at 11:30 and going until 1pm. The topic of the first session is goalkeeping. The entire pool is expected to be used for both sessions. There will be no training on Friday, April 26th, as other ODP groups are being used for the demonstrations. (So you get to stay in school and not suffer a missed day of classes due to ODP.) Plan to be an hour early so you can be warmed up at the start of the first session.

Because we have both demonstration sessions on Saturday we will not have an extra training session on Saturday. However, I would like the players to bring their lunch so we can have a group lunch. Parents are welcome to bring their lunch and participate. This will be a good time to meet as a pool with players, parents, and coaches to review our schedule, training goals, expectations and answer any questions.

Later that afternoon, the CyberRays play the Carolina Courage at 4:30 pm at nearby Spartan Stadium, followed by the US National Team vs. Finland. I highly encourage you to be a student of the game and stay to watch both the professional level as well as the United States and Finland's National Teams. Unfortunately, every one is on their own for tickets to the games.

Tony, Felicia and I are looking forward to having the US National Team coaching staff have a chance to work with the pool on April 27th. If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me ( or contact Megan.

See you this Saturday.

Coach Michael, 04/21/02

Directions to De Anza Community College
Getting from De Anza College to Spartan Stadium
ODP Training Starts April 14

We will have training on Sunday afternoon, April 14, at Contra Costa Junior College, 2600 Mission Bell Dr, San Pablo. Fields are on the South end of the campus. Training right now is set for 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm, with a break in-between.

Coach Tony, 04/09/02

Directions to Contra Costa College

Note: Mapquest indicates the most direct route may be to take the El Portal exit off Hwy I-80. The fields are at the south end of the campus near the corner of El Portal Drive and Castro Drive.
ODP Email Address List

In order to keep in touch with everyone, we need to make sure Megan has valid email addresses for everyone in the U16 State ODP Pool. Coach Michael has collected some email addresses from the CYSA office and Megan collected others from forms completed by the players at the end of the final tryout session on March 9th, but the list is incomplete and there may be some errors or out-of-date addresses.

Click here for a feedback form to report your email address(es) and let Megan know whether her earlier emails have been getting through to you. Even if you are getting her emails, please use the form to report back because without your feedback we won't know for sure whether the email addresses Megan is using are valid.

Please respond as soon as possible. The sooner we have an accurate list, the better for everyone - parents, players, administrator and coaches. Also, if you know friends or teammates who are also in the U16 State ODP pool, please refer them to this webpage ( in case they didn't get the earlier emails. All email sent to the group will always be repeated on the webpage.

Dan Goodell, 03/31/02

Training Possibility April 26

By now everyone should have received in your email a MS-Word document with the training schedule for U-16 State ODP pool. Please note that we hope to receive training from the Women's US National team coaches on April 26 and/or 27th. If you can not get to Cupertino on Friday April 26th for a possible training session at 2pm, please let me know as soon as possible. (Respond to ) Several teams are trying to get into the program. The sooner we can confirm, the greater likelihood we will be chosen for the session.

Have a great spring break and Easter.

Coach Michael, 03/28/02

Welcome !

Congratulations on making the U16 Girls ODP State Team. Please see attached Team Calendar. The training schedule is subject to change as necessary and all locations are yet to be determined. Maps/directions will be sent out prior to training. All emails along with any information and directions will be posted on this website. I will be sending out a team roster shortly.

The second training day is April 26th. This is a school day. This will be in conjunction with Region IV Women's Coaching Symposium, DeAnza Community College, Cupertino (April Heinrichs, Head Coach US Women's National Team, Jay Entlich and Dave Simeone). If we are selected to be the demonstration team, everyone would need to be in Cupertino by 1:15 PM. PLEASE respond by Friday, March 29th as to your availability.

April 27th may possibly be training in the morning with the coaching symposium or in the afternoon before the 4pm game between San Jose CyberRays vs. Carolina Courage, and as a team we will stay to watch the US Women's National Team play Finland (7pm start) at Spartan Stadium, San Jose.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Megan, 03/28/02

U-16 Girls State Team Calendar - 2002

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