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U17 Girls State Team Administrator
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Regional ODP Championships
Cal-North Girls '86 ODP
Friday, Jan 23, 2004: Cal-North defeats Washington, 2-0
The first half began with a lot of frantic running and chasing, but by about 10 minutes into the game we began to settle down. Great defensive efforts by Stacey, Dani, Amanda and Taylor allowed us to control possession throughout the game. Cal-North began with some strong possession and had a number of great offensive opportunities. Late in the first half Katie O. burned several defenders to the end line and sent a dangerous ball across the penalty box. Whitney's one-touch was deflected by the keeper and Bunny followed up with an awesome finish after several attempts by WA to clear the ball, 1-0.

Early in the second half, Lizzy posted the second goal with an impressive individual effort. She intercepted a bad WA pass, beat two opponents, and finished with a left-footed, 25-yd shot that sailed over the backpedaling keeper and slipped under the crossbar, 2-0.

Cal-North continued to fight hard and gave WA little room for a comeback. North's defense was solid, and keeper Andrea easily handled the few long shots WA attempted. Overall, the victory was a perfect effort and win to begin the tournament.

by Kira Sarkisian

Saturday, Jan 24, 2004: Cal-North ties Utah, 0-0
The UT team was very physical and North found they couldn't just outmuscle their opponents. Players continued to make good runs and communicate well, but the team had trouble putting together consistent attacks. At the other end of the field, the defense didn't give UT many opportunities. Keeper Brittany came up with a couple of huge, athletic saves to take away UT's best chances.

Bunny came off the bench late in the game and revitalized the North attack. She and Katie O. started to find holes in the UT defense, but the UT keeper came up with some huge saves to keep North out of the net.
Sunday, Jan 25, 2004: Cal-North defeats Arizona, 1-0
Wow! This one was a nailbiter, and kept the spectators on their feet! Although Cal-North dominated play from almost start to finish, it looked like AZ would be going to the championship final.

Once again, the Cal-North defense turned in another outstanding performance. Taylor and Amanda held down the middle solidly, with Stacey, Vanessa, and Dani sharing duty on the outsides. The defenders posted their third straight shutout. Helping defend from the midfield, Lizzy, Chioma, and Lindsey kept AZ from penetrating the middle of the field.

Bunny, Katie O., and Kira worked hard to gain offensive opportunities, but the AZ defense proved to be stubborn. AZ was playing for the 0-0 draw that would send them to the tournament final. Cal-North switched to a three-back defense and subbed in Alma to add offensive power. With Cal-North just two minutes from elimination, Chioma shook her defender and lifted a perfect pass across the goal box. A lunging keeper swatted away Alma's header, but the ball bounced back to Alma for another chance. A swarm of defenders was unable to keep Alma's follow-up kick out of the goal. That goal put Cal-North into the final instead of Arizona.

Overall, an excellent and exciting victory for the Cal-North girls. Now on to the final tomorrow against long-time rival Cal-South.

by Kira Sarkisian

Monday, Jan 26, 2004: Cal-South defeats Cal-North, 0-2
Alas, not much to say about this game. Cal-South came out fired up, Cal-North was flat. By the time the defense got settled down, Cal-North found themselves in a 2-goal hole early.

In the second half, Cal-North switched to a three-back defense to add extra offense. By then, Stacey, Amanda, and Taylor had found their stride again and were up to the challenge of South's offense. Whatever they couldn't get, keeper Andrea's sure hands handled. Katie O. and Whitney subbed in to give Bunny some help on offense. With more targets up front, midfielders Chioma, Lizzy, and Lindsey began to find holes through the South defense, but the North attack couldn't convert opportunities into goals. Out of time, Cal-North had to settle for second place.

Flight Times

Looks like American Airlines adjusted their flight schedules a bit. Our flight leaves at 7:40 am instead of 7:20 am.

Sooooooo...... go ahead and sleep for another few minutes! Be at the airport NO LATER THAN 6:15 am. Woo Hoo! More sleep!

We also get back home a few minutes earlier on Monday -- 5:15 pm.

Patti, 01/20/04

Trip Reminders !!!
What to bring:
1. All the CYSA gear: shorts, socks, long sleeve shirt, warm up pants and jacket, big jacket, and hat. (Yes, you can trade the hat if you want.....but nothing else! We may have National Champs still ahead of us.)

2. Homework. Yep. I know, it stinks. But, we'll have plenty of down time. Don't get behind.

3. Power bars or other power food that you can't live without. I will make a food/drink run when we get there. Bring $5 for special extras and laundry.

4. Pre-tape & tape. Plenty of it. It won't be supplied. (Yes, Dani, ice will be available.....)

Travel Clothes:
Khaki pants, white collared shirt - long or short sleeve - tennies and warm up jacket. NO shorts, capris or sandals. Plan on wearing this outfit home too. Tony, Mike and I have the power to change that on the way home. Be prepared to kiss........well, you know.

Behavior Expectations:
You guys know the rules. Come to play soccer -- period. And you know how MEAN I really can be! Just remember, you are the role models for the 88's. And we all remember Nike Cup. Hopefully, you guys made an impact on the 88's and they will show a positive change!

Be at the airport between 5:50 and 6:00 AM. NO LATER THAN 6:00 AM!!   (Please don't be late and make me crazy!!)

Give your parents my cell phone number (916-xxx-9604). Tell them to call me anytime to talk about you :o)

I think that's it for now.......keep checking the web site for updates.

Flight Information

Patti, 01/19/04

Equipment and Uniforms

Equipment will be handed out at the team meeting at Lizzy George's house immediately after training on January 18.

I need to make sure everyone still has their ODP issued team shorts and warmup jackets. If you don't have them for whatever reason, contact me ASAP! CYSA will not tolerate anyone being out of uniform during the tournament.

To save me from having to make a million long distance phone calls (ok, so actually only 18), please respond to me that you got this info. I don't want anyone to miss out on this very important information :o)

Think that's it for now. Contact me if questions still. More to come later.......I guarantee it.

Patti, 01/13/04

Last Training Session - Jan 18

The schedule for the final training session this Sunday (January 18) has been revised as follows:

Training times are 9:00-11:30 am and 1:00-2:30 pm at Foothill, followed by dinner and a team meeting at Lizzy George's house. All players are required to attend the dinner/meeting, and parents are also welcome to attend if they want. We will share important information regarding the Las Vegas event, including a strategy "chalk-talk", schedules, field maps, and just spend a little time bonding before we leave for Las Vegas.

We will carpool/caravan to Lizzy's house right after the second session at Foothill. Directions and map were distributed at practice last Sunday. If you did not get a map, please contact the Georges for directions.

Please RSVP to the Georges by Wednesday and let them know how many in your family will be attending so they can plan accordingly.

Lynne, Willy, and Lizzy George: 925-xxx-2211 or

Flight times
Game schedule

Coach Tony, 01/13/04


Ladies, our run for a National Championship is fast approaching. Rules for the tournament require that once you are substituted for -- no reentry. That means that all of you must be prepared to go a full 90 minutes. You all know the pace of the game is faster than your regular club games. We need to be prepared to play at our level, we need to be fit! Are you doing what you need to do to be ready? You have 15 days to put in the final touches to your fitness level. This is your time, it is your day, what an opportunity, don't let it pass you up!!!!!!

Training this Sunday, January 11, and next Sunday, January 18.

Coach Tony, 01/07/04

December Training Changes

NO training on Dec 7.     Dec 14th is a go... rain or shine.

Updated schedule:
Dec 7, 2003 (no training)
Dec 14, 2003 10:30-12:30 2:00-4:00 Foothill HS
Jan 11, 2004 10:30-12:30 2:00-4:00 Foothill HS
Jan 18, 2004 10:30-12:30 2:00-4:00 Foothill HS
Jan 23, 2004 Flight out Las Vegas

Coach Tony, 11/24/03

November Training Cancelled

I was hoping to have a scrimmage against a visiting team from Australia on Nov 20, but unfortunately we were not able to make it happen. Therefore, no practice in November.

I will make individual contact with all the players who have attended training concerning my selection of players for Las Vegas and/or the pool. If anyone has any concerns, you may send me an email.

I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and good luck to all the players traveling to Boca.

Reminder: High School Release (if you are playing high school soccer in the winter) and gear fee are due in the CYSA office by December 1.

High School Release and Approval Form (MS-Word format)

Coach Tony, 11/06/03

Training Oct 19

Reminder that we will have training on Sunday, October 19. The training time has been slightly revised and is now 11:00-12:30.

Training site is Morgan Hill Soccer Complex, Field #2.

Coach Tony, 10/08/03

Training Schedule for ODP Championships

We begin our preparation for the ODP Championships. Our first training session was held on Sept 21st. As I discussed, all 86 State ODP Team pool players are eligible for consideration plus the selected regional players of the 87 pool. The Region IV ODP championships will be held Jan 23 - 26, 2004 in Las Vegas.

Training dates are as follows (dates and times are subject to change):

Oct 19 11:30 - 1 Morgan Hill
Nov 23 (TBA) (TBA)
Dec 7 (TBA) (TBA)
Dec 14 10:30-12:30, 2:00-3:30 Foothill HS
Jan 11 10:30-12:30, 2:00-3:30 Foothill HS
Jan 18 10:30-12:30, 2:00-3:30 Foothill HS

I must submit a player pool roster of 23-25 players by December 1st. Of those players I will take 18 to Las Vegas. Training sessions will be competitive and all players will be expected to attend. Players must be fit, injury free and be playing at the top of their game. This competition is different from Regionals, we go to win, not to show players. I need all of you to look at your schedules and truthfully weigh if you will be able to meet the commitment. Cost to players is $75.00 (for gear), all other cost are paid by CYSA-North. If your club team is planning to attend a tournament in N-Cal between now and Dec 1st, let me know. It will give me another opportunity to evaluate your play.

Coach Tony, 09/29/03

State Pool Training September 21

Cal-North will be sending a '86 Girls team to the 2004 Region IV ODP Championships to be held January 23-25, 2004, in Las Vegas, NV. Although the roster of 18 players has not been finalized, the pool of players that will have the opportunity to be a part of this exciting event will begin training September 21. Letters have been sent to all players that have been invited to participate in the training and selection process. Please note that selected pool players from the '87 age group have been invited to train with the '86 pool. By December 1, the coaches will be selecting 18 players to travel with the team out of the entire training pool, which may include any number of '87 players. Every player selected to participate in the training and selection process has an equal chance to be selected for the traveling roster.

The first training session has been set for Sunday, Sept. 21, 11:00am-12:30pm, at the Morgan Hill Soccer Complex. A second session has been tentatively set for Oct. 19, also at Morgan Hill.

Joyce Pineda, CYSA Programs Coordinator, 09/09/03

Game August 14th ?

Calling all Cal-North '86 players! Cheryl has an awesome opportunity for everyone!

A Japanese team will be visiting De Anza this week. They are looking for games with top quality players. So, of course, you guys were thought of! :o)

Need to know as soon as possible who would be up for a game on Thursday, August 14, at De Anza College with a kick off time of 2:00 pm.

Call or email me back with a yes or a no. (916-xxx-8358 home, 916-xxx-9604 cell)

Patti, 08/10/03

Cyber Rays Update

WHERE: Meet Karl Dewazian at the North Gate under the CYSA tent.
TIME: 11:00 am sharp!

Goalkeepers: Tony D. is doing a keeper session at 11:00 am, if you want to take part be at the North Gate no later than 10:30 am.

This is all the information I have right now. I'll pass on more if/when I get it.

Patti, 07/26/03

Regional ODP Announcements

Following the success of the Cal-North State Team at the Regional Evaluation Camp, 13 Cal-North players have been named to the '86 Girls Region-IV ODP Pool.

  Brittany Cameron, Dublin
Lizzy George
, Alamo
Chioma Igwe
, Belmont
Katie Osborne
, San Jose
Kira Sarkisian
, Saratoga
  Melissa Crespo, Milpitas
Whitney Goodell
, Concord
Andrea Lee
, Scotts Valley
Dani Potts
, Alamo
  Bunny Dickson, Millbrae
Val Henderson
, Orinda
Micki Oda-Burns
, Portola Valley
Amanda Sanchez
, Sacramento
(Click here for a complete list of the pool)

Lizzy was selected earlier by the U17 National Team and will join them in a festival in Houston, TX, next week.

The awesome Cal-North Team placed 10 players on the 18-player roster selected to represent Region-IV at the Adidas ESP - National ODP Camp! Making the trip to Austin, TX, next week will be Melissa, Bunny, Whitney, Chioma, Andrea, Micki, Katie, Dani, Amanda, and Kira.


Regional Camp News
Cal-North ODP, U-17 Girls
Sunday, 7/20: Cal-North defeats Cal-South, 7-1
Within the first 5 minutes, Chioma blazed up the right side to deliver an awesome cross. With Whitney pushing to finish the cross, South's defense panicked and finished the cross themselves for an own goal, 1-0. South penetrated several minutes later to tie it up, 1-1. However, North's spirits were not diminished. The very next play, Chioma took the ball again up the right side and played a great ball to Whitney, who put it away for a 2-1 lead. Bunny did an awesome job being the sparkplug on the field, opening many opportunities for North throughout the half.

Back-to-back shots by Chioma and Dani upped the score to 4-1 at the beginning of the second half. Unrelenting, North scored three more goals, courtesy of Natalie, Lizzy (assist from Whitney), and Whitney (assist from Katie M). Throughout the game, the midfield dominated by switching play effectively and exhibiting ample strength. North's defense practically owned South by continually winning balls and keeping their shape throughout the game. South still managed several shots in the 2nd half, but keeper Andrea made several good saves to keep South out of the net.

Great job, Cal-North!

by Natalie McCrackin, Katie Wilcox, and Kira Sarkisian

Monday, 7/21: Cal-North ties Arizona, 3-3
Day Two in Idaho presented a different sort of challenge for Cal-North as they, in a rare occasion, struggled to come back to tie the game from a two-goal deficit. Let's start from the beginning.

North had difficulty connecting most of the first half, but finally something clicked -- Lara recovered the ball in midfield, turned, and played the ball behind the AZ defense to a speeding Katie O., who then slotted the ball past the onrushing AZ goalkeeper, 1-0.

Coach Tony's halftime talk was informative and motivated the team to make the changes necessary to start putting the pieces together. Ringing in the second half, North unleashed a barrage of shots on goal in the first 10 min. Unfortunately, it also brought with it an AZ goal off a corner kick, 1-1.

North made several substitutions, but before the new lineup knew what was happening, AZ scored twice more and North was quickly down 1-3.

In a great show of heart and determination, North fought back, firing shot after shot until finally a pass from Lindsey found Whitney inside the box and she chipped the ball inside the far post, 2-3. Later, with only seconds left in the game and North still pressing, the ball bounced around in the box until it came to the feet of Whitney just outside the box, where she hit a far-post shot past the outstretched hands of the keeper, 3-3.

Melissa and Andrea were key players in the North defense, as each saved the team numerous times to keep the game close and North within striking range. Satisfied with the comeback but not with the mistakes, Cal-North is looking forward to redeeming themselves tomorrow.

Happy Birthday, Micki and Chioma!

by Lizzy George

Tuesday, 7/22: Cal-North defeats Colorado, 3-1
Today's matchup against Colorado started out very intense -- Cal-North was defending their title as the team to beat, while CO wanted redemption for their 2-0 loss to North in May at the Nike Cup. North's first goal came early in the first half. Stacey found Whitney's feet inside the box and Whitney quickly found the back of the net. Early in the second half Whitney once again shone as she connected with a pass to Lizzy for North's second goal, 2-0. Later, Dani found Katie O. streaking down the right side, and Katie made a great cutback to beat a CO defender and finished a beautiful side-net shot, 3-0.

Val made a key save in the first half, while Andrea held off CO in the second half. Stacey had a great game for the North defense, and along with Melissa, Amanda, Micki, Katie W. and Dani, the North defense stayed strong and shut down CO's key players. Late in the game CO managed to sneak a shot into the net to avoid a shutout, 3-1.

Whitney and Melissa passed the captain's armbands to Katie O. and Lindsey, who proved to be impact players in today's game.

Cal-North players Erica F, Katherine ("KK"), Brittany, and Mandi are playing with the Crew, a united team. The group has overcome the challenges of playing with a brand new team and has taken responsibility for the leadership roles necessary to gain victory on the field.

In the first game of camp the Crew defeated the Wizards (another united team), 3-0. Monday the Crew was pitted against New Mexico, coming out with a 4-1 win. Today they played another united team, DC United, and still remain undefeated after another 3-0 win. On the field, Erica has been unbeatable in the back, Brittany has been savage in the goal, and Mandi and KK are tearing it up in the midfield.

by Melissa Crespo and Erica Frizzell

Tuesday evening's invitational pool featured 5 Cal-North players. KK started the invitational game at right forward and made some excellent runs, using her speed to get in behind the defense. In the second half, Alma, Lindsey, Mandi, and Brittany entered the game. Alma played strong defense in the midfield and delivered some great balls to benefit the attack. Mandi played on top and in the midfield. She made great runs and sent a few good crosses into the mix to aid in a strong attack. Brittany came in as goalkeeper and made some terrific saves. Lindsey played extremely well at attacking midfielder. Her skills on offense really helped her team create a strong attack. The game ended 2-1 in favor of the Invitational-Blue team.

by Mandi Van Dorn

Wednesday, 7/23: Cal-North ties 84/85 Invitational Pool, 0-0
With exceptional individual efforts, Cal-North rose to the challenge of playing this special group of older players in a 45-minute game. Lizzy, Chioma, and Lindsey dominated the midfield and played excellent balls to North attackers Katie M., Lara, and Whitney. North's defense proved strong with Amanda, Dani, Stacey, Melissa, and Katie W. playing incredibly tough against the older college players. The 84/85's had a quick offense but North held them to few shots while managing to rip a couple shots of their own, including a couple dangerous headers.

Overall, this "half-game" was an awesome display of everyone's hard work and preparation for camp, as well as a fantastic end to a trying week in hot weather. Special thanks go to our wonderful team administrator, Patti, and our great coaches, Tony and Cheryl. They inspired us to work hard and reach our potential.

by Kira Sarkisian

Congratulations to Cal-North on completing the week undefeated!

Dani and Whitney have the distinction of being the only two girls in Region-IV to complete four years at Regional Camp without losing a camp tournament game. No other '86 girl in the Region can make that claim. The pair compiled a record of 12 wins, no losses, and 4 ties. The challenging schedule included a 3-0-1 record against Cal-South, 3-0 against Colorado, and 1-0-2 against the '85 regional pool. Other wins came at the expense of AZ, NM, ID, UT, and WA.

Training with Tony DiCicco

The U17 ODP State Team has been selected to participate in a personalized training session with Tony DiCicco! It will take place prior to the CyberRays v Boston Breaker game.

Date: Sunday July 27, 2003
Time: 12:00 - 1:00 pm
Location: Spartan Stadium in San Jose

I need to know who is able to attend as soon as possible. Please email me back and let me know if you can commit to attending this possibly once in a lifetime opportunity.

Tony Perez is also trying to get tickets to the game for everyone who participates. See the CYSA website for more information:

Patti, 07/16/03

Updated Camp Info

We're leaving for camp soon!! Woo Hoo!

There has been confusion regarding getting another signed Player Medical Release Form. As of this morning (Tuesday 7:50 am), to clarify: we do not have to submit another medical release form. Apparently whatever the CYSA office wanted/needed etc. has been resolved. So disregard......

Other important business to take care of . . .
  1. First and most importantly (almost) - everyone needs to bring either cash or a check made out to me (Patti Harmon) for $15.00. This covers a surprise we got for all players going to camp ($14) and laundry money ($1). That should cover things on my end. If I end up needing more laundry money, I'll collect from everyone there.

  2. Dress for traveling: Official CYSA travel attire is khaki pants (capris or shorts ok, but not short shorts, only shorts, that's clear, right?), a white polo or t-shirt (no spaghetti straps), athletic shoes aka tennies, and your State Team warm-up jacket.

  3. Behavior Expectations: ODP has always held high behavioral expectations for their traveling players. The following is intended as a review for players but should be clearly stated to all players.

  4. Travel Details: Check the team website for updates:

  5. Extra money: bring around $40 or $50 for meals at the airport and a few extras. Players are issued a meal card and a room key while at camp. Losing either of these will result in a replacement fee.
The days have been warm (80-90 degree range) and the nights are fairly cool (around 55-60), so please bring appropriate non-soccer clothing.

A lot of this info is in the camp handbook - please remember to bring it with you. The packing list is reprinted here. New this year: don't forget to bring sheets, pillow case and towels!! If you have any questions, please give me a call. Cell phone: 916-xxx-9604

Thanks for everyone's cooperation! Parents -- continue to check the website - we'll be sending in daily reports from camp and there will be travel updates as well.

Flight Information
Weather Forecasts for Idaho
Regional Camp Handbook
Packing List
San Jose International Airport (Mapquest)

Patti, 07/15/03

Training July 12-13

Training Saturday is at Creekside Park in Cupertino.

Training Sunday is at De Anza College in Cupertino.

We will have two sessions both days -- 9-11am and 1-3pm.

Coach Tony, 07/09/03

Money for Camp

Calling ALL Regional Campers! Money was due to the CYSA office (925-xxx-5437) yesterday -- July 7, 2003

If you haven't sent in your money yet -- get going, for heaven sake!

Camp has gotta be paid for now otherwise your spot is up in the air............

Patti, 07/08/03

Regional Camp Info

The camp flight schedule is now available.

Tony will be handing out the Regional Camp Handbooks next weekend at training. The manual is also available for download from the CYSA website.

More to come as we get closer...............

Good luck to the De Anza girls going to Regionals next week and to everyone playing in the Premier tournament this weekend!

Patti, 06/19/03

Fitness and Conditioning

All U-17 State ODP Players:

As we saw last year our fitness was the difference at the Regional Camp. It is your responsibility to work towards attaining peak fitness level to help you attain your best performance.

Two fitness elements on your calendar need explanation. The 5000 is a combination of sprints and jogs around the whole soccer field. The Cooper Run is a 1.5-mile run to be done in less than 10 minutes. Keep track of your times for each Cooper Run. Mark your time on your calendar, and work to improve your time.

The plyometrics exercises are all included in a handout you will receive. I do not expect you to do every plyometrics exercise each time you do plyometrics -- choose three, but do them well and not in a hurry. The same with weight training. If you have access to a gym, talk to the staff there, show them this information and get the right weight level established for each exercise. If you do not have a gym available, spend more time on plyometric exercises.

You may have questions about this material. If so, please feel free to e-mail me at or .

The Region has identified fitness as an important part of its program to place players on the National Pool. For those of you that already do this much training with your club team, you do not need to duplicate the work. Everyone else needs to take the training seriously if you want to be fully ready for camp. Mike Smith, Region IV Women's Head Coach, has asked that each team submit a copy of the team's fitness test prior to start of camp.

You are in the final stages of your ODP career -- make the most of it!!

Fitness and Conditioning Schedule (PDF format)

The 5000
  1. Sprint the length of the field (outside the touchline).
  2. Jog the other three sides.
  3. Sprint the length and width.
  4. Jog the other 2 sides.
  5. Sprint the length, width, and length.
  6. Jog the last width.
  7. Sprint all four sides and walk one time around the field.
  8. These are all done without stopping or resting.

Fitness Testing (July 12-13)
You will be tested on:
300-yd run
20 yd - 40 yd test
Yo-Yo Intermittent
We may also test for the 1-mile run, so be prepared.

P.S.: Please note an additional date has been added to the training calendar on June 29.

Coach Tony, 06/08/03


Photo of Nike Cup Team
Award Ceremony

Nike Friendship Cup News
Cal-North ODP, U-17 Girls
Saturday, 5/24: Cal-North ties Washington, 1-1
Cal-North started the weekend well, controlling the ball for much of the first half. Despite some good chances, the team was unable to score in the first half. Katie Martinez had a near miss after the WA keeper deflected a corner kick. WA mounted more of a challenge in the second half, but CA kept pressing. With about 20 mins left in the game, a WA defender was whistled for handling the ball in box. Katie Wilcox put the PK in the net, 1-0. WA came back quickly, and when CA defenders were called for a foul just outside the CA penalty area, WA capitalized with a header off the free kick to tie the game, 1-1. Lindsey and Stacey stood out for their play at midfield and defense, and have been designated team captains.

by Erica Frizzell

Sunday, 5/25: British Columbia defeats Cal-North, 0-1
Cal-North came out slow, adjusting to a revised system of play. After playing a 4-3-3 against WA yesterday, CA switched to a 4-4-2 system against BC, but never really got into a rhythm. The lone goal came late in the second half on a BC cross into the CA penalty area. With CA still experiencing some confusion in coverage assignments, BC was able to get to the loose ball and put it into the net, 0-1.

by Erica Frizzell

Sunday, 5/25: Cal-North defeats Oregon, 6-0
Cal-North continued getting more comfortable with the 4-4-2 system in the afternoon game. Still a little tentative at the start, the team began finding their rhythm and dominated play in the first half. Driving down the outside, Katie Osborne found Monica in front of the net, and Monica slotted it past the keeper for the first goal. After a 2-0 halftime lead, CA continued their domination in the second half, playing a possession game with quick strikes at the goal. Micki drove down the side and cut the ball back to Lindsey, waiting at the six-yd line, who one-touched it into the net. The Osborne-Monica connection struck again, Lara added one, and Katie Martinez scored with a bullet from the top of the box. After one of the CA goals, Alma stole the ball after the OR kickoff, broke through the defense and squeaked the ball by the hard-charging keeper for an unassisted goal. Solid defense by Melissa proved especially troublesome to OR, and together with Natalie, Katie Wilcox and Erica Frizzell, the back-four stifled any attempt by OR to mount a challenge.

by Katie Osborne and Lindsey Appezzato

Monday, 5/26: Cal-North defeats Colorado, 2-0
CO proved to be fast and physical, and the game was one of intensity and high-energy. By now, though, CA was quite comfortable with their 4-4-2 and was able to pressure CO with strong outside attacks. About 20 mins into the game, Stacey found Katie Osborne in the 6-yard box, and though under intense pressure from CO defenders, Katie settled the ball and poked it into the net, 1-0. Later, with about 2 mins left in the half, Natalie drove upfield and passed to Katie Wilcox, who relayed the ball to Lara near the top of the penalty area. Lara sent a left-footed, one-touch chip shot that went over the keeper and in, 2-0. In the second half, CO tried to come back, but Melissa shut down any attempts to attack through the air. In goal, Brittany came up with two big 1-v-1 saves to preserve the shutout.

by Micki Oda-Burns

Nike Team Travel Reminders

To all the players going to Nike Cup this weekend, here are a few reminders!
  1. The flight leaves on Friday at 7:50 am from Oakland, please be at the airport 90 minutes prior (yep, that means 6:20 am)

  2. Travel clothes: Khaki pants with a collared white shirt, comfortable shoes and your new warm up jacket. No shorts or skirts.

  3. Use your back pack as your carry-on. Put your soccer gear in there also. That way if your luggage is lost.......well, you get the idea.

  4. Bring rain gear or a poncho. It rains in Portland -- all the time! Bring something to cover your stuff at the field.

  5. I understand there are grass and artificial turf fields. Bring the right cleats.

  6. Keep your ball deflated for traveling.

  7. Bring $40-$60 cash for traveling meals, laundry, snacks, etc.

  8. We will have plenty of downtime on Friday -- bring your homework!

  9. Remember, you are representing Cal North, your community, and your family. Everyone should be on their best behavior at all times. You can and will be shipped home in a heartbeat if you fail this test!

  10. The last one at the airport will be in charge of the incredibly huge gear bag I have to lug up there. So, don't be late!

  11. Parents, check the team website -- we'll try to get our scores and highlights up there daily. Also check for any changes in our flights home.
Ok, think that's it for now. I'll keep ya' all posted with new info!

Patti, 05/21/03

Nike Cup Information

At the girls request, I am changing the time once again for the May 17th training in Morgan Hill. It will now be 9-11am and 1-3pm. This will be the time for all our other training sessions. Equipment will be given out on the 17th.

The Nike Cup tournament will be held at the Tualatin Hills Recreation Complex in Beaverton, Oregon. For parents wishing to travel to the Nike Cup, please remember the CYSA ODP guidelines -- players travel as a team and to encourage independence and team bonding we ask the parents to make their own arrangements on different flights and hotels.

Coach Tony, 05/12/03

Training Update!

Date: Saturday May 10, 2003
Where: Creekside Park - Cupertino, CA
Times: 9-11 am and 12-2:30 pm

Training for Saturday May 17, 2003, remains at Morgan Hill, with revised time of 9-11 and 12-2:30 pm.

For more detailed information - Check our team web site at: and the CYSA web site at:

Nike Friendship Cup Travel information is on the CYSA website.

This is the first "group" email I have sent out. Please respond back to me so I know you got this.

I am still missing email addresses for: Lara Kezar, Katherine Kimure, Monica Martin de Bustamante and Stacey Strong. So, if you know them and/or have their email address, please forward this to them. And if you are one of those four players, email me your address :o)

Thanks guys. Any questions, just give me a holler!

Map to Creekside Park
Map to Morgan Hill

Patti, 05/03/03

No Training Apr 26

There will be no training on April 26, 2003. The next training session will be May 10th from 10-12 pm and 1:30-3:30 pm. Details on location still to come.

CYSA-N has offered us a Fund Raising opportunity - selling Beef Jerkey packets. 50% of the proceeds goes directly to the players. It would be a way to raise some quick money for Nike Cup. I don't know too much more about it right now. But, if anyone is interested, let me know. I would be more than happy to coordinate things.

I am still compiling the pool email list. If you haven't done so already, please confirm whether or not I have your correct email address. Here is a form with which you can send me confirmation. I encourage parents to include their email addresses also, to make sure everyone is covered.

Have a wonderful Easter vacation and good luck to the girls still in State Cup!

P.S.: The due date for the ODP Financial Aid packets has been extended until April 30. If you have any questions, please contact Mike or Sharron at the CYSA office.

Patti, 04/18/03

Apr 12 Training Cancelled

We need to change our training. Due to over 25 players being involved in State Cup play on Sat we will cancel Sat double session and train on Sun, April 13th (10-12:30 at Deanza College in Cupertino). We plan to play the 87 G. Players playing on Sat please give me a return email with your playing schedule with team name and number. I plan to be at Morgan Hill. Good luck in your games.

For those that are not playing in State cup this weekend pls send me an email to confirm your attendance for Sunday. Thanks

If we schedule a training session on April 26th who can attend???? Please let me know ( I apologize for the late notice.

Map to Deanza College

Coach Tony, 04/10/03

ODP Email Address List

In order to keep in touch with everyone, we need to make sure Patti and the coaches have valid email addresses for everyone in the U17 State Pool. Patti has a list obtained from some of the players during tryouts, but the list may contain errors or out-of-date addresses.

Click here for a feedback form to report your email address(es) and let Patti know whether her earlier emails have been getting through to you. Even if you are getting her emails, please use the form to report back because without your feedback we won't know for sure whether the email addresses Patti is using are valid.

Please respond as soon as possible. The sooner we have an accurate list, the better for everyone - parents, players, administrator and coaches. Also, if you know friends or teammates who are also in the U17 State ODP pool, please refer them to this webpage ( in case they didn't get the earlier emails. All email sent to the group will always be reposted on the webpage.

Dan Goodell, 04/11/03

Welcome !

First let me congratulate you all in making the State Pool. This was an arduous process and all of you deserve credit for making it this far. There are several players being brought into the pool who were either sick or injured during try outs and will be included in the this first training weekend. I have a roster now of 36 players and will reduce this to about 30 - 33. I have until May 1 to submit a final roster to CYSA (30 - 33). This is much different from past years. Not long (couple days) after, I will have to submit a roster of 18 for NIKE Cup. For Regional Camp, we plan to take 18 on the North Cal roster plus 7 players for a United Team. This is a total of 25 Cal North players to Reg Camp.

I want to be clear - It will be very competitive for these spots and I will wait until the last moment possible to make my final decision for Regional Camp. Every training session will be an evaluative moment. I encourage you to continue working on all facets of your game and keep in mind this is only the beginning.

I want to schedule training on April 12 from 10 - 12 and 1:30 to 3:00 and on April 13 from 10 - 12:30 at De Anza Community College. I know many of you are involved in State Cup, if you can not attend let me know ASAP.

ODP Training Dates Locations to be determined unless identified
April 12TrainingDe Anza College 10-12, 1:30-3:30
April 13TrainingDe Anza College 10-12:30
May 10 TrainingTBD 10-12, 1:30-3:30
May 17 TrainingMorgan Hill 10-12, 2-4
May 23 - 26 Nike Cup - Portland OR
June 14 TrainingMorgan Hill 10-12, 2-4
June 28 TrainingTBD 10-12, 2-4
July 12 Testing TBD
July 13 Testing TBD
July 19 - 24 Regional Camp - Moscow ID

Please confirm you are receiving our email so that we know we have the right email address for you. Again, congratulations, I am looking forward to this next ODP season.

Coach Tony, 03/23/03

U-17 Girls State Team Calendar - 2003

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