Nike Cup Results

2001 Nike Cup Finalists
Cal-North Team 2
Friday, 5/25: Cal-North defeats British Columbia, 1-0


Saturday, 5/26: Cal-North defeats Oregon, 1-0


Sunday, 5/27: Cal-North defeats Washington, 3-2


Monday, 5/28: Colorado defeats Cal-North, 1-0


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Field Location

The Nike Cup is held in Beaverton, Oregon (just outside of Portland) at the Howard M. Terpenning Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District sports complex, located at 158th and Walker Road. The complex features five (5) full-size lighted fields which are maintained year-round and are some of the best quality fields in the state.

(Click inside red box on map for street-level view.)

Flight Status

Check here for the status of currently scheduled Alaska Airlines flights. The team will be leaving for Portland Friday on flight 323 and returning Monday on flight 594.

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