Coach's Adidas Cup Summary

I was pleased with the progress the girls made during the course of the adidas cup. For team 1, we started out very slowly and unsure of ourselves (yea, we played ugly), part of that was nerves the other just getting used to each other and the roles they had on the field. With each game and a small change in tactics I felt we really began to put things together. Having only concentrated on defending and some team possession in training up to now, I was very pleased with the way we ended this weekend. For team 2, my heart goes out to them, they had the tougher schedule and had to play with just 17 on the roster, not to mention two players who were sick all weekend. From the little I was able to see, and from what Mike and Tony said, I was pleased. Can we do better, yes, will we, yes!

I am looking forward to this next event at Nike and with some games under our belt, even more progress. Parents, thanks for your support. Players, continue to work on the things that will make you more successful on the field. Make sure you pack light (only bring what you will wear), and do not forget to put all your soccer gear in your carry on bag. Fields will be soft, bring the longer studs also if you have some. See ya Friday in Oakland.

Bob Rudiger


Adidas Cup Information

I have a few last minute details to cover, and a few reminders:

  1. Thank you in advance to all the parents volunteering their time at the Adidas Cup, without Field Marshals, there is no tournament!

  2. ARRIVAL TIME: We have been given permission to allow the U14 Girls to check in for the tournament at a later time. Check in at the Double Tree Hotel in San Jose will be Friday from 11:00 am to 12:00 noon. At this time we will organize the group and issue equipment. Rosemarie will be picking up our lunches at Morgan Hill and bringing them up to the hotel, we will either find a park close by or eat at the hotel, we will decide that on Friday. After lunch and a short team meeting Bob would like the girls to get checked into their rooms and get organized, so we can leave for the fields by 3:30 or 4:00.

  3. EQUIPMENT: All players will receive a practice ball, blue and white socks, warm-ups, a t-shirt ( t-shirt has not arrived yet) and a team sports bag. I've had many questions about equipment and sizes. All ODP equipment is ordered long before we even hold tryouts. So by the time we are delivered everything for the girls, we get what is ever available and close to what we need. So I did my best to fill all the orders as best I could. The warm-ups were not completely filled the way we had hoped and we ended up with more size large than we should have. So we will have to deal with this on Friday. We will start with the tallest and work our way down. Hang in there with us, it will work out.

  4. TAPE: Any players requiring to be taped will need to bring there own tape, the trainers will not be provided with it this year. Bring what you will need for the weekend.

  5. ROOMING LISTS: We have received your rooming lists from the office, we will notify you who your room mates are at check. Keep all your valuables and money with you in your bag, Rose and I will be able to help watch your things at the field or we can lock them up in the van, but it's a risk to leave money, especially, in a hotel room.

  6. FOOD: Breakfast will be provided on both Saturday and Sunday at the hotel. Dinner for Friday and Saturday evenings will be at Spaghetti Factory and Fresh Choice. Lunches will be provided Friday, Saturday and Sunday by Erik's Deli at the fields. (On Friday, ours will be delivered, as mentioned above.) The meals have all been paid for and we have all your coupons. We also have coupons for your T-shirt and profile books.

  7. DRESS CODE: Please read the ODP handbook as this is an important issue.

  8. CURFEW: In the evenings you will be in your rooms by 9:30, and lights out by 10:00, unless Bob has instructed you otherwise. These are the rules at Regional Camp, so it's a good time to get used to that routine.

  9. PHONE USE: There is a block put on all the phones in the rooms, so you will not be able to make long distance calls. You can use a calling card or the pay phones in the lobby, just try to be courteous to your room mates.

  10. VANS: We will be transporting everyone one in vans to and from the fields. Everyone should always ride with the same driver all weekend, as this way we will not forget anyone.

Last but not least we want everyone to have a great time, play some awesome soccer and make a bunch of new friends.I for one, am looking forward to a great weekend, with some great kids who love this sport as much as I do!!!

In case of last minute emergencies, you will be able to reach me on my cell phone at 209-xxx-6366. Have a safe trip to San Jose and see you on Friday.

Joyce and Rosemarie
U 14 Girls ODP State Team Crew

P.S.: Please remember check-in is during a workday in San Jose and traffic is likely to be heavier than you are used to when traveling to a weekend tournament, so plan accordingly. That's also worth remembering if you will be driving through San Jose to watch the girls play at Morgan Hill on Friday afternoon -- both our teams will be playing at a time in the day when the afternoon rush-hour traffic will be quite heavy, especially along the route between San Jose and Morgan Hill.

Map to DoubleTree Hotel


Volunteers Needed for Adidas Cup

We are in need of 4 parent volunteers from each team to assist as Field Marshalls for the Adidas Cup in Morgan Hill on May 19, 20, & 21. No net set-ups! Volunteers will receive a box lunch and a shirt for this worthwhile event.

If you are interested in helping us out, please e-mail me at or phone me at 209-xxx-2129.


Adidas Cup - May 19-21

The schedule for the Adidas Cup at Morgan Hill is now posted on the CYSA-N website at Please note this is a three-day tournament and begins on Friday. Players must arrive at the DoubleTree Hotel in San Jose on Friday, May 19, between 10:00 and 10:30 AM and check in with their team.

Map to DoubleTree Hotel


Adidas Cup 2000 Profiles Needed

As of May 2, Player Profile forms are still missing for:
Benziger, Jamie
Frizzell, Erica
Kezer, Lara
Lopez, Stephanie- picture still needed
Parents should have these completed and submit them according to the instructions in your player packet.