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Kaos' High School Players

Congratulations to all our high school players:
  • Alhambra Bulldogs, JV team: Sam

  • Berean Christian Eagles, Varsity team: Allison

  • Carondelet Cougars, Freshman team: Erika, Sophie

  • College Park Falcons, JV team: Paige, Pilar, Sara
  • College Park Falcons, Frosh/Soph team: Brooke, Kelsey, Kylie, Michaela, Nicole

  • Ygnacio Valley Warriors, Varsity team: Emily

(Links to game schedules are included above)

Posted by Dan 11/22/2009, revised 11/25/2009

High School Hiatus Begins

With the final game of the District 4 Competitive League completed, Kaos now enters our hiatus for the high school soccer season.

This weekend's game was a very good way to end the league season and give everyone confidence going into their high school tryouts. Everyone played well, including our opponents, and we had to play our best to earn the victory in a close, tight game. Not only did we have to play well, we had to play smart. The Rockridge team had some particular strengths and weaknesses, and we probably could not have won without recognizing that and adjusting our own play accordingly. Being able to make strategic adjustments during the game is a valuable skill, and something we've had difficulty with at times. It was gratifying to see this finally coming together during the last two weekends.

The race for the final league standings was very close this year. We entered the final weekend in 4th place, with Alameda one point ahead of us and Montclair two points behind. (One win is worth three points.) Montclair won their final game, but by winning our final game we did what we needed to do, keeping Montclair behind us and putting the pressure on Alameda. Alameda had a tough game against Avalanche, the 2nd place team, but rose to the challenge and beat them--and thus kept us from overtaking them for 3rd place. Avalanche managed to hold onto 2nd place, but the loss left them only two points ahead of us in the final standings! Now, that's a close finish--only two points separating 2nd from 4th! The girls can be proud of this finish--especially considering we are a U15 team playing in the U16 Gold/Silver division.

We will now be taking a break while our girls play the high school season. High school CIF rules prohibit players from competing for both their high school team and an outside team from mid-November to mid-March. Most high school teams complete their season by mid-February, and players are then free to return to their club teams. I plan to begin getting Kaos back together around that time. We should then have about one month before the Association Cup tournament. If we can get into a tournament in late-February, that may help everyone get back into the swing of working with their Kaos teammates again after being away with their high school teammates for a few months. Stay tuned for any updates about that.

Good luck to all our players who will be trying out for their high school teams in the coming days! I'd like to ask the girls to keep me posted on the tryouts and whether or not you'll be playing high school soccer. If we have enough girls who opt not to play high school soccer, we may want to find some alternate activity to stay fit during the winter, so let me know what you're doing.

Posted by Dan 11/08/2009

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