Followup videos to this week's practice

This week's quiz question was: "What technique is being demonstrated in this video?"

The answer was provided in Wednesday's practice. Now that you know the answer, review the video again and compare your exercise in practice with Mallory's technique.

We also discussed what constitutes "offside", both from the perspective of the offense as well as the defense. Now that you know precisely what the referees are watching for, review these two videos again. Make sure you fully understand why there was no offside call in either of these cases. Remember, the key moment is when the passer kicks the ball. For our defensive players, it is absolutely crucial that you recognize how vital it is to work as a team. In both of these cases, the defenses burned themselves. It wasn't because the offenses were extremely skilled or sneaky.

For our offensive players, you should appreciate that it's not always the defender marking you that determines whether you will be offside or not. Our wings, in particular, need to realize they often have a lot of room to run before they get offside. As soon as the wing sees the midfielder has an opportunity to pass, she needs to take off for the corner flag -- before the pass is made!

We have our last tournament before the high school break this weekend. Perhaps we can apply some of these lessons to our play this weekend.

  Posted by Dan 10/22/2009  

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